INCS 2013

Charlottesville, Virginia, March 14-17, 2013



4:00 – 6:00 Registration

6:00: Welcome reception



8:00 – 2:00 Registration


Session I: 8:30 – 9:45


Panel A: Nation, Race, and Spectacle

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Keith Hanley


Ana Hontanilla, “Praise and Blame of a Slave’s Creative Imagination”

Asa Bharathi Larsson, “The Circus is in Town: Leisure, Race, and Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century Swedish Visual Cultures”

Abigail Mann, “The Illicit Pleasure of Character: National Identity and Liberal Ideals in Phineas Finn”

Kelly Mays, “Victorian Self-fashioning at 1897: Commemorative Consumerism and the 1897 ‘Victorian Era’ Exhibitions”


Panel B: Travel Experiences in Nineteenth-Century America

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Deirdre d’Albertis


Melissa Homestead, “Views from Mt. Holyoke: Catharine Sedgwick, Captain Basil Hall and Thomas Cole and the Touristic American Sublime”

Victoria Larson, “Sarah Bernhardt: American Tourist”

Jillmarie Murphy, “Analeptic Sublime: Cognitive Neuroscience and Restorative Environments in Joel Tyler Headley’s Adirondac

Debbie Lelekis, “Literary Florida: Nineteenth-Century Travel Fiction from the Sunshine State”


Panel C: Pursuing Pleasure, the French Way

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Julie Codell


Valerie Masson, “Performing Leisure in Maupassant: The Mise en Scene of Pastoral Pleasure in La Maison Tellier (1881)”

David Namie, “Bric-á-brac at the Fault Line of Pleasure and Jouissance: A Queer Reading of the Collection in Balzac’s Le Cousin Pons

Margueritte Murphy, “Shop/View/Play: The Pleasures of Baudelaire’s Toys”

Alexandre Bonafos, “Romantic Recess: The Young Flaubert and the Experience of Travel (1840-1842)”


Panel D: Pleasures of Profession, Intellect, and Scholarship

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Clare Simmons


Mimi Winick, “Studied Enchantment: The Joy of Fantastic Scholarship”

Richard Stein, “The Doctor, Medical Information, and the Politics of Popular Imagery”

Michele Krugh, “Enjoying Work: Leisure and the Arts and Crafts Movement”

Erin Wilson, “Literary Poison: The Perils of Reading Fiction”



Session II: 10:00-11:15


Panel A: Poetic Pleasures

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Alison Booth


Isobel Armstrong, “Browning’s Modernity and Optical Culture”

Beth Newman, “’A Graceful Interlude of a Pastime’: Swinburne among the Hexametrists”

Amanda Paxton, “’Blissful agony’ in Hopkins’s Dublin Sonnets”

Herbert Tucker, “The Victorian Problem with Joy”


Panel B: Networks of Leisure

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Lynn Voskuil


Joe McLaughlin, “Reading Leisure in ‘The Our Mutual Friend Advertiser’”

Deirdre d’Albertis,  “Travel, Friendship, Enjoyment:  Fredrika Bremer, Mary Howitt and 19th century Transnational Feminist Networks”

Barbara Black, “Hotel London”

David Pike, “Fun in Victorian London Today”



Panel C: The Dubious Pleasures of Education

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Kristin Samuelian


Andrew Fiss, “Mathematical Work, Mathematical Leisure: The Education of American Adolescents in the Early Nineteenth Century”

Virginia Zimmerman, “’The Circle of Knowledge’: Race Games and Juvenile Science in the Nineteenth Century”

Bennett Zon, “Piano Kindergarten: Spencer, Froebel, and the Musical Education of Victorian Children”

Kainoa Harbottle, “Training’The Young Wizard’: The Pleasure and Pragmatics of Deception in Victorian Conjuring”


Panel D: The Pleasures of Commodity Consumption

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Mimi Winick


Julie Codell, “Cultural Pleasures and the Social Capital of Antiquity: Advertisements of the Gods” (83 MB)

Michael Garval, “Merrymaking Modern Pigs on Belle Epoque French Postcards”

Elizabeth Womack, “’A Taste For Moralizing’: The Instructive Pleasures of the Auction”

Carolyn Lake, “The Latch-Key flâneuse: shopgirls in late-Victorian Fiction”


Session III: 11:30-12:45


Panel A: Pleasure, Leisure, and the Self: Travel as a Mode of Self-Definition

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Mark Schoenfield


Rebecca Hooker, “Nancy Prince’s Odyssey of Re(-) Creation”

Stephanie Richmond, “A Vacation with a Cause: Female Travelers in the Early Nineteenth Century”

Arnold Modlin, “Meat Market or Slave Market: The Politics of Remaking St. Augustine’s Market as a Tourism Space”


Panel B: Enjoyments in the Brontë World

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Lingerr Senghor


Pritika Pradhan, “’Pure Gold, with a steely Point of Agony’: Representations of Pleasure in the Novels of Charlotte Brontë”

Susan Taylor, “The ‘Creative Gift’ as ‘Statue-hewing’: The Brontës’ Sculptural Contexts”

Judith Pike, “The Manly Language of Flowers: from Boy’s plant-slaughter to Manly Ferns and Wildflowers in the Brontës”


Panel C: Hide and Seek: Nineteenth-Century Entertainment and its Afterlife

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Mary Jean Corbett


Amy Billone, “What Dreams Hide and What They Reveal in the Poems of Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Brontë”

Whitney Elaine Jones, “From Doll-Child to Child-Mother: The Hidden Dangers of ‘Doll-Play’ in the Works of Frances Hodgson Burnett”

Corrie Kiesel, “Hidden Pasts and Double Exposures in The Mayor of Casterbridge

Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, “Hyding Dickens: Dickensian Hauntings and Victorianness in Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical”


Panel D: Finding Fun in Spite of Adversity

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Heather Miner


Hildegard Hoeller, “Pain, Pleasure, and the Tradition of the Slave Narrative”

Lisa Sternlieb, “Laughing at Horror”

Sophie Lavin, “Playing Dirty Bustin’ Bonaparte and Shreiner’s African Playground”

Nora Gilbert, “A Servitude of One’s Own: Isolation as ‘Leisure Time’ for the Nineteenth-Century British Governess”


LUNCH 12:45-2:00


Session IV: 2:00-3:15


Panel A: Masque, Song, and Performance

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Robin Hoffman


Clare Simmons, “Norfolk Tragedy to London Comedy: Medievalist Pantomime and the Babes in the Wood

Michael Martin, “I saw a concourse of strange figures’: The Masque, Voyeurism and Coverdale’s Self-Consciousness in The Blithedale Romance

Kenneth Wood, “The Lost Chord Revisited: Examining Trends in Victorian Song”

Joanna Swafford, “Subversive Singing: Role Reversals in Caroline Norton’s ‘Juanita’”


Panel B: Bodies and Body Parts

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Anna Henchman


Katharina Boehm, “Bottled Babies and Aztec Lilliputians: Saltationist Sensationalism in Popular Anatomical Exhibitions and Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend

Kerstin Borchhardt, “’Show me your Emotions!’: Post-Darwinian Depictions of Unrestrained Joy”

Rebecca May, “Prurient Didacticism: The Social Life of Anatomical Specimens in Nineteenth-Century Britain”


Panel C: Leisures of the Leisured Classes

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: David Namie


Ian Higgins, “‘Society is now one polish’d horde / Form’d of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored’: Leisure, Class, and Boredom in Nineteenth-Century Culture”

Leanne Zalewski, “Collecting Paintings for Pleasure: How the Robber Barons Spent their Time and Money”

Kathleen McCormack, “Yachting in Novels and News: Are We Having Fun Yet?”


Panel D: Adaptations

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Sharon Weltman


Lingerr Marie Senghor, “Hobbies and Imprisonment: William Wyler, Louis Bunuel, and Emily Brontë

Marija Reiff, “The Musical of The Mystery of Edwin Drood”

Jennifer Yirinec, “Mina Harker, ‘Consumer and Consumed’: The Portrayal of Turn-of-the-Century Female Moviegoers in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Bus to UVa Grounds 3:45


Tour of the Lawn

Rare Book School Exhibit: “Books that Take Us Lands Away: Print Culture and Travel in the Nineteenth Century,” Curator: Theresa Goodman. Stettinius Gallery, on floor 2 in Alderman Library


5:30: Keynote and reception

Minor Hall 125: Auditorium


William Gleason, “Grounds for Fun: The Place of Play in 19th-Century American Culture”




8:30 – 2:00 Registration


Session I: 8:30-9:45


Panel A: Leisures of the Common Folk

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Masha Belenky


Stephanie Richmond, “Working their Fingers to the Bone: Women’s Crafts and Charitable Bazaars”

Kristen M. Harkness, “’She Stood at the Door / And Chose Her Husband’: The Posidelka, the Distaff, and Courtship in Nineteenth-Century Russia”

Viktoria Vutova, “Bulgarian ‘Blajen Folklore’: The Hidden Eroticism in the Bulgarian Culture of Having Fun”

Margaret Kolb, “The Coin Toss: A Random Walk Through The Mayor of Casterbridge


Panel B: Leisure, Gardens, and Flowers

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Ian Higgins


Michelle Allen-Emerson, “The Pleasures of Urban Window Gardening”

Matthew Sherrill, “Dorothy Wordsworth’s Book of Botany: Delight, Identification, and the Status of Natural Things in the Grasmere Journal

Barri Gold, “Raising a Salad: Walworth and the Ecology of Leisure”


Panel C: Tourism in Imagination and Practice

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Laura Kasson Fiss


David Pike, “’Armchair Undergrounds’: Jules Verne and Subterranean Tourism”

Ralph Crane and Lisa Fletcher, “Inspiration and Spectacle: Caves in Nineteenth-Century Art and Literature”

Kathrin Levitan, “Catching the Post: Tourism and Letters in Nineteenth-Century Britain”


Panel D: Games, Gender, and Growing Up

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Verónica Uribe


Laura White, “Alice’s Game of Croquet: Competition and Cruelty ‘For Ladies’”

Katherine McWain, “’Pleasant’ or ‘Perfectly Awful’: Leisure and Obligation in the 1870 Diary of Millie Bucknam”

Lillian Nayder, “’He condescended to perform on his pocket comb while Fred whistled’: Leisure, Power, and Playing like the Dickens(es)”

Colleen Morrissey, “Floreat Etona: Captain Hook and the Trap of Empire”


Session II: 10:00-11:15


Panel A: Pleasure, Race, and Exhibition in Nineteenth-Century America

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Susan Taylor


Ellen Goldner, “Race and the Terms Art Appreciation: Horace Greeley on the New York Crystal Palace Exhibition and the Response of William J. Wilson”

Catherine Holochwost, “’Luman Reed’s Doors’ Exhibiting Contingency in Jacksonian America”

Mandy Treagus, “’A lot of Peppery Savages’: The South Seas Exhibit at the Chicago World’s Fair, 1893″


Panel B: The Fun of Artistic Crazes

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Deborah Denenholz Morse


Robert Polhemus, “The Crazy Pleasures of Art: Aesthetic Madness, Charles Dickens and Richard Dadd”

Susan Jaret McKinstry, “The Pre-Raphaelites at Play:  Poetry, Art, and Infidelity”

Ariyuki Kondo, “The Carnival of Competition: Between Hope and Despair in Nineteenth-Century British Art and Architecture”


Panel C: Sporting Pleasures

Room: Preston

Moderator: Jillmarie Murphy


Brent Shannon, “’Well rowed, brave Oxford!’ University Boat Races and British Masculinity”

Timothy Carens, “’The Gentle Art’: Nineteenth-Century Angling and Middle Class Masculinity”

Gordon Bigelow, “Hunting with Anthony Trollope”

Michelle Taylor, “The Limits of Man’s Best Friend: Autobiographies of Sporting and Show Dogs”


Panel D:  Titillations of Sensation

Room: Ashlawn & Highlands

Moderator: Melissa Homestead


Sukanya Banerjee, “From Rajmohan’s Wife to Aurora Floyd: Who was having Fun?”

Eileen Cleere, “Sanitary Sex in Salt Lake City: Chaste Polygamy and Victorian Sensation Fiction”

Lynn Voskuil, “Orchidaceous Sensations”


Panel E: Parisian Spaces of Leisure

Room: Lewis & Clark

Moderator: Michael Garval


Masha Belenky, “La morale à la carte: Cabinets Particuliers and Bourgeois Propriety in Nineteenth-Century Paris”

Pauline de Tholozany, “Panoramic Distraction(s): Entertainers and Entertained in Nineteenth-Century Paris”

Anne O’Neil-Henry, “Imperial Recreation: Universal Exposition as Parisian Space of Leisure”


Session III. 11:30-12:45


Panel A: Excitations in Wilkie Collins

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Ellen Rosenman


Elizabeth Anderman, “Pleasures of the Ghost: Leisure and Wilkie Collins’s Ghost Stories”

Erika Behrisch Elce, “’One Remarkable Evening’: The Social Pleasures and Moral Pitfalls of Science in Wilkie Collins’s Heart and Science

Wendy Xin, “The Moonstone and the Pleasures of Narrative Labour”


Panel B: Pleasure and its Back-stories in Nineteenth-Century French and British Fields of Consumption

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Marni Kessler


Susan Hiner, “Behind the Seams” (images)

Carolyn Betensky, “The Jolly Roast Beef of England: Satire, Slaughterhouses, and the Cultural Logic of Dissociation in Dickens’ Monument of French Folly

Marni Kessler, “Deprivation and Temporality in Claude Monet’s Jar of Peaches 1866”


Panel C: The Pleasures of Unconventional Bodies

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Ana Hontanilla


Joanna O’Leary, “‘Double Your Pleasure?’: The Singular Plurality of Conjoined Twins in Victorian England”

Abigail Heiniger, “’Corsets, Pockets, and ‘Naked Darlings’: Freeing the Female Body in Charlotte Perkins Gilman”


Panel D: The Pleasures of Courtship and Marriage

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Barri Gold


Deborah Denenholz Morse, “Trollope’s Shakespearean Reading: Pleasures and the Politics of the Marriage Plot in Lady Anna

Jennifer Phegley, “Victorian Girls Gone Wild: Matrimonial Advertising in the London Journal and Bow Bells

Erik Gray, “The Art of Flirtation: Nineteenth-Century Courtship and the Sharing of Metaphors”


Panel E: Unconventional Private Lives

Room: Preston

Moderator: Susan Jaret McKinstry


Talia Schaffer, “Enjoying Disabled Unions: The Surprising Pleasures of Familiar Marriage”

Michael Lewis, “Queer Pleasures in Private and Public”

Ann Garascia, “’A Freak in Every Family: The Freak’s Queering of Middle-Class Domesticity in Charles Eisenmann’s Cabinet Cards”


Lunch 12:45-2:00


Session IV: 2:00-3:15


Panel A:  Liminal Women

Room: Preston

Moderator: Wendy Xin

Heather Latiolais Eure, “Wax Dolls and Cyborg Women in Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret and Villiers de L’Isle-Adam’s L’Eve future

Mary Jean Corbett, “Queering Closure in The Woman in White and Lady Audley’s Secret

Sara Black, “Morphine Mania: Intimate Drug Societies of the Fin-de-Siècle


Panel B: Pleasures of the Grand Spectacle

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Rebecca Hooker


Kristen Turner, “The Toreador Goes to Hollywood”

Kirsten Andersen, “The Palace of Delight: or, the Serious Pleasures of Social Reform”

Verónica Uribe, “Revealing Sources: The Eager Search of Two Sketches for Esther”


Panel C: Child’s Play

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Nora Gilbert


Mary Clai Jones, “Fashioning Spaces of Play in Victorian Doll Literature”

Charles Martin, “’Like Games She Wasn’t Big Enough to Play’: Child’s Play, Adult Recreation, and Intelligence in What Maisie Knew

Vince Fitzgerald, “’Serious Child’s Play: G. Stanley Hall’s Idyll of Recapitulation in ‘The Story of a Sand Pile”

Heather Hess, “’O you dear faithful Dolly’: Childhood Leisure in Charles Dickens”


Panel D: The Pleasures of Dance

Room Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Ann Mazur


Amanda Adams, “Realism at the Ballet: Work, Leisure, and Aesthetics”

Betsy Tontiplaphol, “Where Pastime Only Had Been Sought: Wordsworth at the Ballet”

Kristin Samuelian, “Enticing Contagion: Dancing Mania in the Nineteenth Century”


Panel E: Word Play

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Judith Pike


Anna Henchman, “Fragments out of Place: Body Parts and the Logic of Nonsense in Edward Lear”

Mark Schoenfield, “FLUFF: Periodicals of Amusement”

Adam Mazel, “‘Urgent Rhyme’: Owen Seaman and the Youth of Rhyme”

Margaret Rennix, “Who’s Laughing?: Dickensian Humor and Ethics”


Session V: 3:30-4:45


Panel A: The Pleasures of Mid-Victorian Collections

Room: Preston

Moderator: Talia Schaffer


Brian Olszewski, “Collecting, Collections and Storytelling in Mary Barton

Kayla Kreuger McKinney, “The ‘Classical Market’ and the ‘Popular Taste’: Museum Impulses in The Old Curiosity Shop

Jamil Mustafa, “The Commodification of Curiosity in The Old Curiosity Shop


Panel B: Pleasure, Architecture, and Environment

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Joseph McLaughlin


Halina Adams, “Corinne and Oswald Play with Bricks”

Michael Lee, “Spa Gardens in Germany”

Heather Miner, “Thomas Hardy’s Dreams of the 1890’s”


Panel C: Dickens: Center to Margin

Room James Monroe

Moderator: Lillian Nayder


Brandi Byrd, “Who’s Holding the Strings?: Puppetry in Our Mutual Friend

Ellen Rosenman, “The Origin of the Circus: From Bleak House to Hard Times

Carolyn Williams, “The Mute Figure of Melodrama in Dickens’s Historical Novels”

Elizabeth Corsun, “Trimming the Fat: Re/Forming the Body in Dickens”


Panel D: Early Nineteenth-Century Pleasures

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Eileen Cleere


Ghislaine McDayter, “Playful Women: Wollstonecraft, Austen, and the Performance of Female Pleasure”

Alexandra Grenier, “The Danger of Pleasure and Enjoyment in Burney’s Cecilia and Austen’s Mansfield Park

David Sigler, “Sexual Enjoyment in British Romanticism”

Kim Wheatley, “Delightfully Helpful Hounds in Wordsworth’s Poetry”


Panel E: Hidden and Criminal Pleasures

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Debbie Lelekis


Kristin Huston, “’Devil in the Shape of Woman’: Mad Madame Lalaurie, Public Spectacle, and Transatlantic Voyeurism”

Patrick Chappell, “Frolic, Contraband, and the Newgate Novel”

Benoît Leclercq, “Covert Pleasures: Reading Criminals in the Nineteenth-Century French Novel”


5:30 – 6:30 Keynote: Lynda Nead, “The Layering of Pleasure: Women, Fashionable Dress and Visual Culture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century”


7:00 Music: Joanna Swafford, Pianist, Brahm’s Intermezzo op. 118 no. 2; Kiera Allison, vocalist; David Norfrey, accompanist; Selections from Alice in Wonderland by Robert Chauls (1978)


Victorian Theatrical Society: “Miss Flipper’s Holiday” (1900) by Harrie and Florence Bell. Actors: Ann Mazur (founder), Marija Reiff (director), Caitlin Berka, Tom Berenato




Session I: 8:30-9:45


Panel A: Errant Pleasures: Genre and the Politics of Pleasure in Nineteenth-Century Culture

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderator: Anne O’Neil-Henry


Theresa H. Nguyen, “The Pleasures of Distraction: Fractured Forms and Attention in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth- Century Broadsides”

Virginia Piper, “Re-forming Pleasure: Working Class Aesthetic Experience in Émile Zola’s L’Assommoir

Joshua Taft, “Dubious Pleasures and the “Poetry of Life”: Arnold, Literature, and Dogma”


Panel B: Travel Writers and Travel Audiences

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Elizabeth Anderman


Christopher Bischof, ’Fine Specimens of English Peasantry’: Pastoralism in Victorian Teachers’ Travel Narratives”

Narin Hassan, “Not Just ‘Amusement’ for Ladies: Women’s Travel and the Pleasures and Pursuits of Botany”

Kellie Holzer, “Feminist Leisure? Orientalist Pleasure? Fanny Parkes in India”


Panel C: Entertainments of the Home

Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Stephanie Richmond


Emily Simmons, “’So Miss Matty dozed and I knitted’: Theorizing the Mid-Victorian Hobby in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford

Ann Mazur, “Props in Parlour Plays: The Object is Not just Fun and Games”

Maggie Harvey, “’We can’t always be saying our prayers’: Card-Playing Spinsters in Trollope’s Littlebath Novels”

Annette Cozzi, “’It is also important that the salt should look neat’: Hints on Arranging the Victorian Dinner Table”


Panel D: Religion, Faith, and Pleasure

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Viktoria Vutova


Hans Gabriel, “The Mid-nineteenth Century Viennese Folk Festival as a Transcendent ‘Festival of the Soul’”

Chris Foss, “Engaging Eastern Enjoyment(s): Poetic Renderings of Hindu Festivals in Ghosh, J.M. Tagore, and Naidu”


Session II: 10:00-11:15


Panel A: Manipulating Urban Identities: Experiences of Leisure and Pleasure in London, Providence, and Buenos Aires

Room: Ashlawn and Highlands

Moderator: Halina Adams


S.C. Gooch, “’It seems just like England’: Buenos Aires of the British Merchant Class”

Adam E. Watkins, “The calamities of my novitiate in London”: De Quincey’s Urban Escapades, Ecological Psychology, and the Uncanny”

Elyssa Tardif, “’What Cheer, Netop?’: Parading Patrimony and Order through the Streets of Providence”


Panel B: The Pleasures of Reading Audiences

Room: Lewis and Clark

Moderator: Beth Newman


Amy Robin Hoffman, “’I own to a pleasurable sensation at hearing of Mr. Holmes’s demise…’:  Arthur Conan Doyle and the Stakes of Reader Reception”

Carolyn Tate, “Making Fun: Sexual Satire, Middle-Class Reading Pleasure, and Thomas Hardy’s ‘Last’ Novel”

Jennifer Camden, “Finding Time for Thackeray’s The Newcomes


Panel C: Pursuits of Pleasure (and the Pleasures of Pursuit) in Jane Austen


Room: James Monroe

Moderator: Marija Reiff


Maria Frawley, “The Language of Pleasure in Jane Austen’s Fiction”

Andrea Coldwell, “Genteel Gossip: The Ends of Story-telling for Austen’s Heroines”

Cheryl Wilson, “Jane Austen and the Pleasures of the Period”


Panel D:  Roundtable Discussion: Using Digital Archives for Research in the Nineteenth Century

Room: Downtown Business Center

Moderators: Andy Stauffer (NINES), Latrescia Murphy (Nineteenth Century Collections Online – NCCO)